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Natural Health Solutions and The Diabetes Professor

Learn How to Reverse your Diabetes the Natural Way

Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible!

Type 2 Diabetes is Among the MOST Poorly Managed Conditions in ALL of Healthcare!

Learn the Type 2 Diabetes Solutions that your Doctor is Likely Neglecting.

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What can happen if I don't reverse my Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Heart Attack

  • Kidney Failure / Need for Dialysis

  • Stroke

  • Diabetic Retinopathy / Blindness

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Amputations

According to the Diabetes Research Institute, over 37 million people or 11.3% of the U.S. population have diabetes.  Another 1 in 3 are pre-diabetic.  Most pre-diabetic people don' t even know that they are pre-diabetic.  This means that, if they don't make changes, they will have full-blown diabetes and the consequences that go with it!


From the Desk of Dr. Kathy Shaw

Over the past 15+ years, I have had the privilege of helping people reverse their Type 2 Diabetes!  

We take a functional approach with Type 2 Diabetes.  We have a doctor-developed and doctor-supervised protocol.  The foundation lies in objective TESTING!  We don't guess ... We TEST!  We will DIG to find the "root cause" and work to help you find a NATURAL and LASTING solution.  

As you can see from these statistics, diabetes is one of the most common conditions in the United States and the rest of the world today.  However, it is VERY poorly managed in the medical community.  

The Standard American Diet (SAD) continues to promote blood sugar disorders and will for years to come.  The average American consumes 150-170 pounds of sugar each year!  We also know that sugar and refined carbohydrates spike INFLAMMATION!  

Diabetes is an INFLAMMATORY condition.  We need to de-flame and de-toxify!  Our system could be the solution you have been looking for!  This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.  You are a UNIQUE individual and need a UNIQUE solution.  We will customize a program, based on YOUR lab work, that will DE-FLAME, DE-TOXIFY and allow your body to heal NATURALLY, without drugs!

Our Approach is as UNIQUE as YOU are!

Truly solving the problem and getting well requires a doctor who is like a detective - somebody who will take the time and dig for the root cause, NOT someone who spends a few minutes with you, gives you a "chemical" and tells you to come back in a few weeks.  That is a failed approach!  It is also a big reason that millions of people are struggling with type 2 diabetes.  

If you are sick of the medical runaround, then let's hop on a discovery call.  No cost, simply a chance to ask each other questions and determine if our type 2 diabetes reversal protocol makes sense for you.  

Warm Up on the Beach

Don't Waste Another Day Being Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired!
Let's Dig, Work Together and SOLVE your Type 2 Diabetes           Once and For All!

Our practice is 100% virtual.


Kathy Shaw, M.Sc.E., Ph.D., D.C. 

Dr. Kathy Shaw is a Florida-licensed Chiropractic Physician, a Ph.D. researcher and member of the faculty of Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida where she teaches the Biochemistry curriculum.


Dr. Shaw has consulted with hundreds of patients over the past 15+ years of practice and loves to see patients remove the need for medications and return to living healthy, active lives, doing the things that they love to do.  

  • Where is your clinic located?
    Our clinic is 100% virtual. The beautiful thing about functional medicine and our functional approach is that it can be done from ANYWHERE! After our initial discovery call (to determine if our protocol makes sense for you), we'll provide you with test kits so that TOGETHER, we can customize a safe, natural and highly effective protocol, based on your unique needs.
  • Will I have to take alot of pills?
    We'll provide recommendations, based on where you are nutrient-deficient or depleted. Again, this treatment is based on objective testing. We'll give you supplement recommendations, as well as food recommendations, so that you will know what foods are abundant in the nutrients in which you are deficient.
  • Does insurance pay for your programs?
    Unfortunately, no. However, if you are very MOTIVATED, we will work with you. Our programs are very affordable.
  • Will I have support / accountability?
    Absolutely! Even though the functional protocols are done virtually, we provide email and other support. You are never left on your own. If you have a question or obstacle, we will provide the support and guidance that you need.
  • Are your programs safe?
    Yes, ABSOLUTELY! Our protocols are extremely safe. There are very few doctors that will do objective functional testing and work towards finding the ROOT CAUSE of your health challenge. Most simply just give you medication, a chemical cover-up for the symptoms.
  • What happens on a Discovery Call?
    It is actually very simple. Dr. Shaw will ask you some questions, do a thorough health history and determine if yours is a case that she can accept. If she thinks that she can help, she will give you that option. If she doesn't think that she can help, she'll work to find you someone that can.

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